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It's almost Christmas, and Cat has a problem: after detailed analysis of his behavior over the past year, he's realized that he has been more naughty than nice. A LOT more. How can Cat ensure that there are presents under the tree? By taking over Santa's job, of course! But as with Cat's Easter takeover attempt, things do not go as planned...

"Underwood and Rueda follow 
Here Comes the Easter Cat with an equally excellent outing that sees Cat attempting to assume the role of another holiday icon...An ideal holiday pick for the naughty and nice alike. "
—Publishers Weekly, starred review

"Readers will enjoy the playful exchange between the narrator and Cat, the expressive full-color ink and colored-pencil cartoonlike illustrations, and the nicely resolved ending. Great for reading one-on-one or in small groups."
School Library Journal, starred review

"The illustrations in inks and colored pencils are pleasantly whimsical, and the generous white space, old-fashioned typeface and uncluttered format work just as well in the sequel as in the first volume...Quite a charming character, that Cat."