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It takes a little convincing, but with the promise of food, Monster decides to join Mouse on a camping trip. Things quickly go awry when Mouse takes off to explore, because, well, Monster gets hungry. He starts with just a little snack—the lantern. And the sleeping bags are hard to resist. Then the tent . . .

Stranded in the wild with no supplies, what are a monster and a mouse to do?

“Tiny, white Mouse is bursting with enthusiasm when she greets big, fuchsia Monster with ‘Let’s go camping!’…Monster’s posture says it all (scary!), but Mouse’s promise that there will also be food brings him around…In a twist readers won’t see coming, the two find a (hilarious!) solution to their problem, and Monster turns out to like camping after all. The digital illustrations keep the focus on the friends and their emotions, the slapstick humor coming through loud and clear.
This is one camping trip sure to live up to expectations.”

—Kirkus Reviews

“Older kids will enjoy reading this title to younger siblings, if they can curb their own giggles.”
—Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books